Kemnay Village Hall

8 Aquithie Road, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire AB51 5SS

Hiring the Hall / Rooms

This section gives all the relevant information about booking the main hall or other rooms and the charges involved. There is information on the other procedures that must be followed in the links above.

Hiring the Hall / Rooms

There are two types of Let normally available at the Hall. These are Regular or Occasional.
Regular lessees should apply to the Secretary before the 1st of July to confirm their Let requirements for the year commencing 1st August. All Lessees may be requested to give up a booking, so that a one-off event may be accommodated. Where a clash of requirements occurs, the Committee may be consulted and its decision shall be final.
Both Regular and Occasional lessees must appoint a Responsible Person and a Deputy who must be named on the Booking Form.
Arrangements for opening and closing the premises should be made with the Administrator and Hall Keeper at the time of booking. If you are booking a sale of work please remember it is the Lessees responsibility to remove all boxes, cardboard etc from the premises at the end of the sale. There is a skip in the car park across the road for flattened boxes.

A Users Manual / Handbook has been produced by the Management Committee to encourage the users of the Hall to have an enjoyable and safe let. This must be read and fully understood by all Lessees and their nominated responsible persons.
This Users Manual / Handbook covers all aspects relating to hiring the hall or rooms - emergency procedures, alcohol licences, food procedures etc.
Contact telephone numbers for the Hall Keeper, Relief Hall Keeper and Administrator are available in the Users Manual / Handbook.

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Charges for the Hire of Hall Premises

Commercial    £30 per hour

Hall               £12 per hour regular users, £13 individual bookings

Friendship Room       £11 per hour regular users, £12 individual bookings

Wainman Room         £9 per hour regular users, £10 individual bookings. (This may be reduced at the Hall Committee's discretion to £7 per hour if either Hall or Friendship Room are booked for the same time to the same lessee).

Complex     £30 per hour

Powering Bouncy Castle     £2 per Session

Stage Sound System     £10 per Session

Stage Lighting     £10 per Session

Cinema projector     £50 upfront charge (£25 refundable against Hall hire)

Full cooking Facilities     £25 per Session

Partial Cooking (keeping warm)     £10

Hire of equipment outwith building    Chairs £1 each, Tables £5 each

Hire charges are due for review on first July annually, and lets will be charged at the new rate.

If you have any queries, please contact the Administrator using the contact form and she will be delighted to help.

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